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Super Smash Bros Tier List 1.1.6 Part 1. Top tiers by doinktonberry
Super Smash Bros Tier List 1.1.6 Part 1. Top tiers
Top tier qualifications A character must fulfill the majority or entirety of the
1. Metagame-defining threat
2. Highly advantageous Matchup Spread with little to no losing matchups
3. Most likely guaranteed to secure multiple top 8 spots in a national tournament setting

1. Sheik
Excellent frame data combined with amazing mobility with needle storm to make up for her lack of reach. Also has an excellent offstage game and phenomenal recovery. However, her lack of consistent killing power can make it difficult to secure stocks, even though this isn't as much of an issue at higher level of play in my opinion. Notable players of Sheik included Void, K9sBruce, Mr. R, Cacogen, Trevonte, and Vinnie

Balance of speed, mobility, power, disjointed range and safety make for a fundamentally sound character who can rack damage up rather quickly. Access to the limit break mechanic gives him immense kill power to boot and cloud can have an easy time overwhelming his opponents. The ability to force approaches and have excellent approach options himself, as well as a large disjoint in the Buster sword solidify him as one of the best. However, his shortsides are his dependence on limit break, his absolutely horrendous recovery, and his inability to escape juggling situations due to the positioning on his hitboxes. He also has a weak throw game and not many ways to break shields. Notable mains include Komrokiri, Mew2King, Tweek, Ned, Sodrek and MK Leo.

Speed, consistent kill setups, banana shenanigans, long reach despite his small stature, great frame data, and a great grab game allow everybodies favorite chimp to climb in the list at number 3. He is also one of the single most utilized characters in the game. However his susceptibility to gimping, as well as his mediocre aerial mobility and below-average damage output keep him from getting higher. Mains include JJROCKETS, Zinoto, Angel Cortes, C3po, Dj Fliphop and of course, Zero


Chris Hughes
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